Is selling products a good fit for your practice?

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Hello from Jon at Massage Marketing,

What are you doing to maximize your practice’s profits?

One easy way to increase your practice income is to offer compatible health products for sale. In the current issue of massage & bodywork magazine, two articles recommend this idea.

ABMP associate editor Brandon Twyford writes, “Do you have any favorite products you consider superior to others on the market? You’re the perfect spokesperson already—why not make a little extra cash for it? When you’re passionate about a product, selling its benefits to others is easy…”

ABMP President Les Sweeney writes, “A good way to augment your earnings is to increase the amount of revenue each client spends with you. Your options are to raise your rates, increase your frequency of services, or add additional services or products. Many professionals earn multiple streams of income—especially in the spa world. Are there products you use every day that you already talk about with friends or clients? Are they readily available everywhere, or would it be a plus if you offered them? …”

High quality, unique health-related products can be a perfect fit for your practice and give your clients one more reason to love you. Consider which products you already love and keep your eye out for brands that can help your clients improve their health and their lives.

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