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My practice has expanded from one to four massage therapists since I began mailing your newsletters to our clients six years ago. Generally, we mail six issues a year. My client list has grown from 400 clients to over 2,200. Whenever we send a mailing, we see clients who haven’t booked with us in a while.–Kip T., NCTMB

Two of my clients operate an advertising agency here. Both have complimented me on our "Staying in Touch" newsletter. They say it is one of the BEST they have ever seen in terms of format, style, length, design, content, interest, clarity, etc. They are impressed! As both massage clients and owners of their own advertising agency, they should know what they are talking about. KUDOS!–William B., LMT

The newsletter is a fabulous tool, and my clients love it. This is my only form of keeping in touch with my clients. Usually I have about five people I haven’t seen in a while pick up the phone and call for an appointment right after a mailing. It pays for itself and then some! I have a group of people who order gift certificates from me every year—one guy buys 10 every December—and that’s because of the newsletter–Aimee M., LMT

I checked all my advertising (phone book, etc.), and your newsletter brings me the best return. It’s the least costly investment for my advertising. When I send a newsletter right before a holiday, I always get a noticeable increase in both gift certificate sales and appointments booked!–Sigrid H. CMT

The newsletters act as a gentle reminder for my clients to call and schedule their next appointment, as well as purchase gift certificates for special occasions. My clients even tell me that they truly look forward to receiving them. So it’s well worth the effort.–Leslie H. LMT


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logo_30px_greyEducating your clients is vital to maintaining a healthy practice, and massage newsletters are the ideal marketing tools for this purpose.

Our Staying in Touch massage newsletter’s function is to raise the readers’ awareness and appreciation of the many benefits of massage you offer AND to inspire them to call you for their next appointment.

logo_30px_greyTo be effective at marketing massage, the message you share in each client education newsletter must be written at the appropriate level to connect with your clients.

We’ve been writing marketing newsletters for healthcare professionals since 1988 and have created massage newsletters for well over a thousand practices globally. Take advantage of our experience!

logo_30px_greyAs the popularity of massage and bodywork grows, so does the need to make smart choices regarding promotion and marketing.

With so many massage therapists coming out of school each year (over 30,000), you face an ever-growing amount of competition in the field. Making strong connections with your clients and bringing more attention to your massage services will help you develop a strong, reliable practice. Our massage client education newsletters will help you do this!