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Is selling products a good fit for your practice?

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Hello from Jon at Massage Marketing,

What are you doing to maximize your practice’s profits?

One easy way to increase your practice income is to offer compatible health products for sale. In the current issue of massage & bodywork magazine, two articles recommend this idea.

ABMP associate editor Brandon Twyford writes, “Do you have any favorite products you consider superior to others on the market? You’re the perfect spokesperson already—why not make a little extra cash for it? When you’re passionate about a ...

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How important is it to review your goals?

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As the new year gets underway, it’s a great time to review and update your goals—both business and personal. Why? Because the energy you put into everything you do every day and the results you get can be strengthened by aligning your efforts to your goals.

Life introduces surprises, and your focus and attention can get redirected. Your goals are your roadmap to achieving success in business and in life. It’s important to review your goals regularly to make sure they ...

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