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In order to demonstrate what you have to offer as a massage therapist, you have to get people in the door — and to do that, you need to tell them why they need your massage services. What can you do for them? How can you make their lives better? Answer these questions successfully and they’ll be flocking to you.

The ongoing education of massage clients is one of the most overlooked steps to a therapist’s success. The more your current and potential massage clients understand how massage improves their health and well-being, the more valuable your services become to them. This is why our Staying in Touch Massage Newsletter is a great marketing resource for massage therapists.

Think how much you learned in massage school about how massage contributes to proper function and optimum health. Most likely your clients haven’t studied massage and are still unaware of its many life-changing benefits. But you can share information on a regular basis to increase that awareness!

Avoid information overload. When you regularly share information with your clients, feature just a couple of specific benefits in each promotional piece. People are inundated with information these days, and you want to share just enough to get their attention and plant another seed in their minds. This steady flow of information is like fertilizing and watering your “business” garden. You want to grow a strong relationship with your clients, and by steadily sharing the benefits you offer, you’ll be nurturing a long-term client relationship. And with roughly 50,000 new massage therapists entering the marketplace each year, building strong client relationships is vital.

Picture having a base of massage clients that really appreciates the importance of regular massage and makes seeing you twice a month a high priority. Developing just 20 or 30 such clients could fill 50-75% of your appointment book every week. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Remember that although virtually everyone would benefit from receiving regular massages, there are many people out there who are not likely candidates to be your client. Some people can’t afford massage services, others will not understand the benefits massage offers them, and some folks don’t want to be touched by “strangers.”

As much as you might want to help all these people, you can burn yourself out trying to “sell” them on what they’re missing. There are plenty of people who will appreciate what you do and will gladly pay for your services, so focus your efforts on connecting with them.

Remember that the secret to effective marketing is to reach the correct public (those people who want and can afford massage) with the correct message. What is the correct message? Generally, you want to share with them the benefits your massage services offer that will handle their physical problems and concerns. Think about the physical complaints you hear most from your clients. Things like handling stress, tense or sore muscles, headaches, inadequate range of motion, chronic pain, etc. — when you can explain to them how your massage services can improve these conditions, then you’ve grabbed their attention.

By sharing this information in a friendly, inviting format on a consistent basis, you’ll steadily increase their understanding of how much you can help them. Over the months, you should find that more of your massage clients respond to your promotional pieces and call you more frequently for that next appointment.

So what are the most effective marketing tools to use in your business? Your options include personal letters; brochures; post cards; massage newsletters; and online marketing tools, such as e-newsletters and websites.

We offer great websites at a reasonable rate. If you are interested please fill out our contact form today and we will contact you with more information.

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