A well-written client newsletter is a proven massage marketing tool

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A well-written client newsletter is a proven marketing tool that can help you build a stronger practice.

You can do everything yourself or use a massage newsletter service like mine. A massage newsletter service provides ready-to-send massage newsletters on many topics — you just add your contact information and mail them, or you can add an additional cover letter before sending them out. I’ll explain some of the features of my service in a moment.

Make it easy on yourself!
Since an effective marketing program is essential to your long-term success, wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple system working for you? If you already have plenty to do and would like to make your massage marketing program as easy as possible, I think you’ll love my massage newsletter service. With many options, one will be just right for your needs. I have over 35 different issues available covering subjects such as:

  • Handling Stress with Massage
  • Massage and Pain Relief
  • How Massage Helps Improve Immune System Function
  • The Benefits of Regular Massage
  • How Bodywork Helps Muscle Function
  • And many more!

My full-color Staying in Touch client newsletters are available for the first time ever at a low rate of $99. This includes 35 full color issues that are customizable for an individual or a practice. Build a health information library; print as many copies as you need for just pennies a piece!

Here are a few testimonials from a few of my clients:

“My practice has expanded from one to four massage therapists since I began mailing your newsletters to our clients six years ago. Generally, we mail six issues a year. My client list has grown from 400 clients to over 2,200. Whenever we send a mailing, we see clients who haven’t booked with us in a while.”
— Kip Treece

“Last year, I sold 100 gift certificates; the year before, 75 (the first year I’d used your newsletter). People start using the gift certificates right away, which guarantees me some steady business for the first four months of the year.”
— Julie Friar, CMT

My massage newsletters are very easy to customize. You just open an issue in your computer using Adobe® Reader®, type in your contact info, and print your copies!

View a sample of my newsletter

The return address area includes ample room for you to add a short special offer if you wish. You can add your name, phone number(s), and “issue number” (Vol. 1 No. 1, etc.) under the Staying in Touch title on the front page as well. There’s even a place to add a postal permit number if the need arises.

In addition to the basic (add your contact info only) versions of each newsletter, you can add your own personal messages and/or special offers in my customizable column issues. This gives you the choice of adding your own columns whenever you choose. If you’re pressed for time, you can prepare a “basic” issue for printing in just minutes. Take a little longer to add your own message and really give each issue that personal touch.

There are even alternate versions of two issues with gift certificate reminders for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. And when you purchase my massage newsletter marketing package, you have permission to reuse the text elsewhere, like on your website, blog or even share it to all your social sites. (Ready-to-use, text-only files are included in these packages.)

You can order and download your newsletter package from our shopping cart by going to and clicking on our “Marketing Kits” Page. (All issues carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.)

If you’d prefer to send your clients all the latest news in the massage field (the most recent study results, consumer health surveys and reports, etc.), you can subscribe to our “new issue” service. I write two brand new issues every four months, with much of the content based on the most recent news reports from the top massage organizations and magazines. For more information or to subscribe to this service, please contact us.

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    Great article! Your newsletter content is very educational. Love it! Thank you for such a great offer. You can’t beat 35 issues FULL COLOR.


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