The Redeeming Qualities of Massage Therapy

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If one were to base the definition of massage therapy on what is seen in advertising you could easily assume that massage is an additional form of splurging by those with the means to do so. However, massage therapy is much more than that. Not only is the art of massage an integral part of the maintenance and recuperation of athletics worldwide, but also in the rigors and stresses of our everyday lives as well.

The information age, which we are immersed in, has greatly enhanced our knowledge of massage therapy while simultaneously increasing the ability to incorporate new techniques designed to help alleviate our many ailments.

Formerly assumed to be a contraindication for cancer patients, massage therapy has since been included as a form of palliative care by experts throughout the world. While still contraindicated in the immediate vicinity and surrounding areas of tumors, massage is known to promote the general well being of cancer patients. The release of endorphins stimulated during massage therapy have been studied and display an increase in the levels of serotonin which directly correlate with a reduction in anxiety levels, forging a sense of calm, assisting in the regulation of moods.

The emotional and behavioral effects of massage have been well documented. Physical discomfort can quickly lead to emotional discomfort creating an atmosphere, which is uncomfortable for all parties involved. A decrease in the lack of independence can lead to the onset of depression, a trying and frustrating situation for patient and caregiver alike.

The alleviation of pain generated during massage gives control back to the patient, increasing strength while tightening the existing bonds between the caregiver and patient. At times, something which seems as mundane as a session with your massage therapist can allow one to more actively engage in the day to day activities while becoming more receptive to receiving assistance when it is needed.

Massage therapy can provide stability from the irregularity and nausea that arises from the radiation treatment of cancer patients. Typically advised to wait until the cycles of radiation treatment have been completed due to the sensitivity of the skin which arises, massage has the ability to aid in every aspect of our lives.

Mesothelioma patients have been known to greatly reap the benefits of massage therapy. Some insurance and treatment plans include massage as a form of treatment for mesothelioma, but even when insurance does not cover massage, many treatment clinics work closely with massage therapists providing relief and comfort at a discount rate.

Consult your doctor and find a massage therapy that will work best for you and your treatment and give your mind, body and spirit a vacation from some of life’s everyday stressors and go indulge in a massage today!

This article was a guest post written by Melanie L. Bowen. Melanie L. Bowen is an advocate for natural health awareness specializing in massage therapy specifically for cancer patients. If you would like to contact Melanie direct you can send her an email at or you can share your thoughts/comments below for her to review or visit her at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog.

I’d like to thank Melanie for reaching out to us and sharing this information with our readers!

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