Massage Therapists – Cultivate Confidence

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To be successful, you must be mentally prepared. It’s well worth your time to make sure
you really believe in your own abilities as a therapist and as an independent
businessperson. Here’s why:

When you decide to start your own massage practice, you are the “life force” of your
business. It only exists to the degree that you create it. It’s much harder to succeed when
you doubt yourself.

So, how do you feel about your ability to deliver excellent massages consistently? How do
you know you’re really a good therapist? Your confidence in your abilities affects how you
come across to your clients and potential clients.

If you have any doubts about your abilities, you should take immediate steps to improve
your techniques:

  • Trade with other therapists who you feel are really talented and get them to critique your massage.
  • Ask people you’ve worked on to give you their feedback — and tell them to be brutally honest with you. If your goal is to be the best therapist you can be and you want to know any area that could be improved, you should discover any weak spots you need to work on.
  • Look into joining a study group of massage therapists. Also, continuing education in the areas of bodywork that most interest you can help you to improve your techniques and abilities, making your services more valuable (and further increasing both your confidence and your income).
  • Look for books, magazines, videos, online sources, etc., that can provide you with positive information on marketing and personal development as well as massage techniques.

The more massage you deliver, the more you’ll see your confidence and abilities improve.
And if a fairly high percentage of your clients rebook with you regularly, you’ll know that
you’re doing a good job.

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