Massage Therapists – Listen to your clients

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Since the real assets of your practice are your clients, learning how to be a safe and caring communicator is a vital step in your long-term success.

Remember that people’s situations and moods change from day to day. And if there is one massage marketing tip I can provide to you, it’s listening to your client.

As you talk with clients, start by really listening and learning how they’re doing. Communicating at a similar emotional tone with them will help you to relate better.

For instance, if you speak with enthusiasm to a client who is feeling down, you won’t be
matching her current level of reality. I’m sure you’ve experienced a situation where you’re
having a rough day and someone starts talking to you in a cheerful manner. Your first
thoughts are something like: “Don’t you see I’m not in the mood for that right now? Aren’t
you listening to me? Don’t you care about what I’m going through?”

The key is to be sincerely interested in the well-being of your clients. When you honestly
care about them as you ask: “How are you doing today?” you’ll pick up on their current
mood and respond to them at an appropriate emotional level. And your stock will go up in
their eyes because it’s obvious that you really are listening.

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