Marketing & Promotion for Massage Therapists

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Quite simply, your level of success depends on the effectiveness of your marketing & promotion program.

Earlier, we covered what promotion is. Virtually everything you do for your practice serves as a promotional activity — the design of your office space, the message on your answering machine, your clothing choices, the way you communicate with people — all these things promote an image. And since every action you take leaves an impression on others, you are constantly promoting yourself — either positively or negatively.

Check out what others are doing. Visit some day spas and other therapists’ offices to get a feel for what’s working and what isn’t. Base your decisions on what will attract business.

The first goal of promotion is to attract attention to your massage services. You need to make people aware of what you have to offer them and motivate them to call you — now!

The second goal of promotion is to demonstrate the value of your massage services. The more personal benefits people perceive, the higher they will place your massage services on their list of things to buy or do.

Consider the successful businesses you deal with. Virtually all of them remind you of their existence and value via radio, television, ads or mailers of some type. They find the most effective ways to remind you they are there for you and continually deliver their message. This is the action that keeps a business successful, an appointment book filled.

Create a sense of urgency. When it comes to massage, educating your target audience is crucial. When clients know only that massage is relaxing or helps to soothe the sore spots, they are far less likely to make regular visits a priority. But when you continually remind your public that you are there — and educate them on the importance of regular massage for their health, happiness and well-being — the value of your service increases. More on this in the next chapter.

Consistent promotion builds momentum. You never know when you are going to reach the right person at just the right time with the specific information that inspires action. When you regularly promote the many benefits you can deliver, public awareness and interest increase exponentially over time.

Can you imagine giving a massage without using any lotion or oil? Operating without a consistent marketing plan is just as bad. Regular promotion is the tool that gets results and keeps your business gliding smoothly along, so make it a priority.

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