More Benefits of Sending Scheduled Massage Newsletters

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Another benefit of sending scheduled massage newsletters to your clients is that occasional massage clients may become regulars. If the educational seeds you plant nurture a client from seeing you a couple of times a year to once or twice a month, you’ve increased your annual income as much as $1000 from just that one massage client.

The possibilities are endless. For instance, if you sell an extra 10-20 massage gift certificates a year because of your massage newsletters, that alone could pay for your promotional expenses for the year — not to mention if two or three of these new massage clients begin to see you regularly. Or you could print 100 extra copies of an issue as handouts (cost: about $10) and with just two new massage clients, you could earn an extra $100 on initial appointments and many times that in the coming months and years. Are you beginning to see the huge potential that a regular massage newsletter has for your practice?

How often should you mail your massage newsletters? If you’re actively building your practice, send your client massage newsletters six or more times a year. Minimally, you should send three or four massage newsletters a year to strengthen your client-therapist connection. The really important thing is to send massage newsletters to all your current and potential clients on a regular basis. It’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to build a strong practice and to stay in your clients’ minds.

Massage newsletter preparation. Begin by creating an attractive, easy-to-read look that enhances the image of your practice. Next week I’ll discuss pointers I used in creating my Staying in Touch® massage newsletters. Even if you are evaluating other massage newsletter services, be sure to consider these points. Not only do you want an attractive massage newsletter, you want one that really interests your clients, feels like it comes from you, and gets your clients to call you for their next appointment! Pretend you are one of your clients as you evaluate the massage newsletter you’re considering and see if it increases your interest in getting a massage.

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