Why Massage Newsletters are Cost-Effective!

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In order to properly evaluate a marketing tool, you should have a basic idea of what constitutes a good financial return for the dollars you spend.

For example, if you spend $100 producing and sending a marketing piece like an educational massage newsletter, how much income must you bring in to make it worth your time and effort?

One way to measure the value of your massage newsletter marketing campaign is to keep track of activity in your practice from week to week, so you can observe any changes. For instance, if you keep track of the number of massage sessions booked and delivered each week, you can monitor how close to reaching your target you are. If you want to deliver 22 massages a week and you are averaging 14 now, you know you need to take some action to generate eight more appointments per week.

Once you mail your massage newsletter, track how this mailing affects your schedule. If you begin averaging 16 massages a week for several weeks following your mailing, you’ll know the results your massage newsletter is bringing — in this example two more massages per week. Without a way to measure your results, all of your marketing actions will be guesswork. So, be sure to track the important practice activities, as they are the scorecards for your business.

Say you generated ten additional massage appointments from your latest massage newsletter mailing to 200 clients. If you spent $100 on the mailing and brought in $500 on the increased massage appointments, you earned a return of $400 on your marketing dollars. If these were typical results and you sent six issues a year, you’d spend a total of $600 to increase your profit $2,400 — which is a great return for your efforts!

Or look at it this way: If you send a massage client four to six issues each year at .50 per issue, you’ll be investing about $3 per year on that client. Even if they respond with just one $50-visit a year, you’re coming out way ahead!

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