massage newsletters logoWhat happens if I missed my download or saved it and now I can’t find it?


No worries, we can reset your download for you. We understand mistakes can happen!

Email our support team via our contact form and let us know that you need an additional download. We will email you a new code so you can access your download by clicking the link below and following the instructions.

Email: (your email)
Code: (provided in your confirmation email or by our support team)

Click on the link above (or paste it into your Internet browser address bar) and enter your email and code and click “Submit”.

Be sure to choose “SAVE AS” and save the file to your Desktop, so you can find the newsletter package easily.


massage newsletters logoI wasn’t redirected to the download page after I purchased the Massage Marketing Kit. How can I access my download?


After you complete your credit card purchase you will be redirected to the download page where you can download your newsletter package. If you closed your internet browser before you were redirected, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to the download page, along with your email and download code to access your package.