The Massage Marketing Kit contains the following 24 articles

    1. Massage: The Timeless Miracle (Overview of massage benefits)
    2. Benefits of Regular Massage
    3. What Makes Muscles Ache (Good springtime issue)
    4. Ever Feel Stressed Out?
    5. Wonderful Water
    6. Beat Stress (Stress speeds up aging; massage reduces stress)
    7. Make the Most of Your Massage (Maximizing session benefits)
    8. Motion & Health (Motion is vital to health; how massage helps)
    9. Putting Balance in Your Life (Homeostasis)
    10. Weight of the World (Neck & shoulder problems)
    11. Build a Strong Immune System
    12. How Bodywork Helps Muscle Function
    13. Joint Function and Massage
    14. Massage and Pain Relief
    15. Support the Home Team (Cellular regeneration; how massage helps)
    16. Back Pain/Stretching
    17. Detoxification/Importance of Water
    18. How’s Your Energy? (Natural ways to increase energy; how massage helps)
    19. Headaches (How massage helps to alleviate)
    20. What’s Your Posture Telling You?
    21. Massage: For Body & Soul (Importance of regular health maintenance)
    22. Four Reasons (Supports health; reduces stress; addresses source of problems; makes you feel better)
    23. Holiday Issue 1 (For promoting during end-of-year holiday season)
    24. Holiday Issue 2 (For promoting during end-of-year holiday season)

This set is a great educational library; you can promote your practice for several years for just pennies per copy!

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