Client Education Letters

Client Education Massage Letters — The Ultimate Massage Marketing Tool!

Why educate your clients?

The more they understand of the many health benefits you offer them with your services, the better clients they are likely to become. Our Client Education Letter package is a very versatile marketing tool for your practice.

You can:

  • Personalize & print the letters as office handouts
  • Place the content on your website and/or use in your blog posts
  • Optimize your social media promotions using excerpts on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Use the content in your client e-newsletters
  • Include excerpts in your local newspaper to promote your services

Remember, the way you build business is to educate people and to attract attention to your services.

The most time-consuming part of creating really effective professional marketing materials is researching and writing the educational parts. Now, you can have all this information at your fingertips—ready to use whenever you need it!

For instance, you can make a list of your clients who are stressed and print out copies of your educational client letter on stress and hand or mail it to them—specific target marketing can increase your results.

So affordable, too!

$39 for 24 client education letters comes to about $1.60 per letter! You’ll get a great return on your investment and have promotional materials for the next two years or more.

Don’t have Microsoft Word? No worries! You can open the documents using Google Documents or Open Office. Both are safe and free resources on the web.

(These letters contain the same text as the 24 newsletters included in our 24-issue Massage Marketing Kit, but without the illustrations. See the samples of both to compare the layouts. Please contact us with any questions.)


Part One & Part Two (24 total letters) – ONLY $39


logo_30px_grey Part One

Letters Included:

Benefits of Regular Massage
Putting Balance in Your Life
What Makes Muscles Ache?
Ever Feel Stressed?
Wonderful Water
Overview of Massage Benefits < The Timeless Miracle
Make the Most from Every Massage
Motion and Health
Neck & Shoulder Problems
Handling Headaches
End-of-year Holiday Letter # 1


logo_30px_grey Part Two

Letters Included:

Beat Stress with Massage
Building a Strong Immune System
Muscle Function
Massage and Pain Relief
Supporting Cell Regeneration with Massage
Back Pain / Stretching
Detoxification / Importance of Water
How’s Your Energy?
Four Reasons to Get a Massage
Joint Function
Maintaining Your Health with Massage
End-of-year Holiday Letter # 2