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The massage education specialists …

Success is a busy practice full of loyal, satisfied clients. The best way to develop your loyal clients is through regular contact and education. For nearly 20 years I’ve been producing our popular client education newsletters, Staying in Touch®, that have helped thousands of therapists build their practices.

Why are our newsletters your best choice?

  • Written in simple terms that convey the benefits your services can deliver
  • Attractive layouts give your practice a professional look
  • Ready to use—saves you time and makes it EASY to promote your practice
  • Proven popular by over 2,000 therapists
  • Very affordable—offers great return on your investment
  • No long-term commitments
  • Money-back guarantee our newsletter issues

Choose the perfect option for you and your practice …

If you want to share the latest news on massage research and reminders on massage benefits, subscribe to our newsletter service and receive 12 issues per year.

  • Monthly issues — $7.50 each (for the Basic version)
  • Personalize your issues with your contact info, right in your computer (see how here)
  • Add a “Premium” version of each issue that allows you to add your own personal columns and/or special offers to your newsletters—just an additional $2.45/mo
  • NEW feature! Now, with your Premium subscription, receive a text version of each issue, allowing you to use any portion of the content in your social media marketing!
  • No commitments; you can discontinue this service whenever you wish
  • Your credit card is charged each month on the same day of the month you subscribed

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If you’d prefer to have a library of newsletters on specific subjects and pay less per issue, get the Massage Marketing Kit—24 full-color newsletters for only $99!

Are you writing your own blog or e-newsletter? Want educational content for your website? Our Client Education Letters offer the same content as our 24 newsletters in text format for just $39. Use the content wherever you want, or personalize and print the letters as handouts—a great bargain!

Marketing online? Our full-service Monthly E-newsletter Service is just right for you!

We set up a special business email list program just for your practice; you build and maintain your clients’ email addresses. On the 1st business day each month, we send the monthly Staying in Touch® e-newsletter with your personalized heading to your list. Nothing could be easier, and you know your clients are hearing from you every month.

This service is $25 a month, with no limit to the number of subscribers. The more names you add, the better deal for you! And, you can send specials, etc. to your list whenever you want. For instance, each Monday morning, send an email with the week’s openings to help you fill your appointment book. One added appointment a month would more than pay for this service.

As an e-newsletter subscriber, you can receive the full-color print version of the monthly newsletter for just $5 more!

You can order the Massage Marketing Kit or Client Education Letters from the website today. If you want more info on our other services, just send us an email and we’ll contact you to discuss your options in detail. (When you write, ask about our current special offers!)

We’re looking forward to helping you build your dream practice!