Monthly Client E-Newsletters


Marketing via the Internet is one of the smartest, most cost-effective ways to build and maintain your practice today. What would the ideal online marketing program for your massage practice include?

How about a special e-list program dedicated just for your clients’ and potential clients’ email addresses?

A program that has a long list of easy-to-use features and lets you send regular announcements of available appointment times and special offers.

How about a service that includes a well-written monthly client newsletter that is automatically sent to your entire list for you on the first business day of each month?

A means of staying connected to your clients without investing needlessly in extra postage, paper, and labels—a great way to have a “greener” marketing program!

And all for just $25 a month!!!


What do you get for your $25 a month? Our program offers two main features:

    1. $10 of your $25 pays for your dedicated e-list / business email program that you can use whenever you want. Like a website, this program is maintained on the Internet, so you can access it from any computer. A comprehensive list of features is below.
    2. The remaining $15 pays for our optional monthly Staying in Touch client e-newsletter, that we write and send to your list for you on the first business day of each month. Imagine knowing that all your clients with email will receive an educational newsletter each month, motivating them to call you, without you having to even think about it!

E-Newsletter Packages Include:

  • An unlimited number of e-mail addresses (The more addresses you add, the less you are paying per client mailing. For instance, 100 clients’ email addresses = 25¢/monthly e-newsletter sent; 250 email addresses = 10¢/monthly e-newsletter sent)
  • Simple control panel to manage your e-newsletter list
  • Automatic archiving of all e-newsletters sent to your list (You can even place a link to your archive on your website so clients may browse all earlier newsletters.)
  • You can create & send either simple, text-only e-newsletters or customized e-newsletters with flashy colors, fonts, pictures—all with an easy-to-use editing program similar to “Word.”
  • Automatic removal of all bad e-mail addresses (including a point system for email addresses that don’t exist or are just temporarily blocked)
  • Statistical section shows you how many e-newsletters have been sent, how many have been opened and if any links included in the e-newsletter have been clicked on
  • We can add a “Subscribe to my newsletter!” sign-up box to your website
  • Subscribes/unsubscribes are done with a double opt-in feature, so all email addresses are confirmed, and subscribes/unsubscribes are confirmed per SPAM prevention guidelines
  • Subscribers may be added manually one by one, by copy-and-pasting a large list, or even from an external file
  • Simple and powerful blacklist system automatically places unsubscribed email addresses into the blacklist so they are not accidentally re-subscribed (unless you choose to do so)
  • Global blacklist applied to all e-newsletter lists, compiled bi-monthly from all the rejection/SPAM/bad email addresses encountered by 10,000+ mailings (In other words, there is a large, collective database of known bad email addresses, compiled from the many email programs we all use. Our program not only will remove bad email addresses it discovers while sending an email, it also checks the “Global Blacklist” files of all known bad or SPAM email addresses to remove any that have found their way onto your list.)
  • All e-newsletters have an automatic message attached to them (that you can easily edit) to remind the client of the subscription details and offer them a simple way to unsubscribe, per SPAM guidelines.
  • Arbitrary Subscriber Fields (the ability to save multiple addition fields: (First Name, Last Name, Birthday, etc.)
  • New CVS file support to add multiple subscribers (easily saved/exported from a program such as Microsoft Excel)
  • Have the choice to either add a subscriber, or send an invitation to subscribe themselves Invitations can be sent out with a customized invitation message, in plain text and/or HTML
  • Send e-newsletters with dynamic content, with values taken from the subscriber fields, using a simple tag language (meaning you will be able to use simple fields—like “First Name”—in your emails to include your arbitrary subscriber fields to personalize the content of your e-newsletter)
  • Limit who receives your e-newsletters by the new arbitrary fields (send out a newsletter to only some of your subscribers based on any filter you setup, such as “back-pain clients”).