$99 Massage Marketing Kit

What if there were a marketing tool that could promote your massage therapy practice — for years to come — for about the cost of a ninety-minute massage?

A tool that brings you new clients and keeps your existing clients coming to see you regularly? All for just $99. If that sounds like an incredible deal, it is. But it isn’t too good to be true. Let me explain.Affordable marketing, with a capital “A”. When the $99 Massage Newsletter Marketing Kit was first released—back when our economy was strong and more people were spending money on massage—I offered the kit for $399. It was very popular and I sold a lot. As the recession took hold, I retired the package as both clients and therapists tightened their purse strings. Then I began thinking: “What if I updated and reissued this great package at a reduced price of $99?” That comes to just over $4 per massage newsletter master copy. Despite the economy, I could put marketing clout within reach of virtually any therapist!”Why you need this kit. As a therapist myself, I understand your marketing goals, as well as the kinds of messages you want to convey to your clients. A well-written, well-designed massage newsletter is a proven, effective way to draw attention to your services and to educate current and potential clients in the many ways your massage services can help them feel their best and contribute to better health. And that means more business for you.

Besides mailing to clients, you can also use massage newsletters as office handouts, at health fairs, seminars, speaking engagements and more. (the $99 Massage Newsletter Marketing Kit includes lots of ideas on how to get the most out of your massage newsletters.)

Why spend hours each month trying to market your own practice? You can have your marketing personalized and ready-to-use in minutes with the $99 Massage Newsletter Marketing Kit. Simply pick a topic (like stress or back pain), open the selected issue on your computer, type in your contact info and print!