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All New $39 Client Education Massage Letter Package!

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I’m so excited to announce a new marketing package for therapists!

This package is affordable and is packed full of educational content that you can use across many marketing streams.

I know that the most time-consuming part of creating really effective professional marketing materials is researching and writing the educational parts. Now, you can have all this information at your fingertips—ready to ...

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Massage Health Hints for your Clients

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In between your massage sessions, you may find the following tips helpful:


  1. Loosen your collar.
  2. If possible, remove confining or thick garments such as jackets & sweaters.
  3. Center your attention before beginning.

Shrugging the Shoulders
When you shrug your shoulders, you are exercising muscles that tend to get pulled forward and hardened by tension. This tension buildup commonly occurs when you ...

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